Western Forest Products Pile Burning Program

Please be advised that Western Forest Products Inc.’s Mid Island Forest Operation will be commencing a fall pile burning program in the near future.  The exact timing will depend on fire weather and atmospheric venting conditions.  It will continue until late November.

This activity is carried out to increase the area where we can plant trees and to reduce the fire fuel hazard in logged areas in a controllable fashion.  WFP is obligated to reduce the fuel hazard near the Sayward Fire Protection District by regulation.

The Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation prescribes conditions under which this pile burning may be carried out.  It considers venting, wind direction, wood moisture content, and piling age.  The management objective is to eliminate any noticeable impact to air quality from this pile burning program for the residents of Sayward.

An overview map showing the planned burning locations is attached.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Taisa Brown, RPF
Silviculture Forester

Tel 250.287.5063

MIFO West Coast Burn Plan Aug 2020