The gym at the Kelsey Recreation Centre is used for a number of activities and events including:

Exercise Workout

Ladies' Exercise Workout in the Gym [Image © taramara78 –]


All events are subject to change without notice. For daily schedule, please call us at 250-282-5500 or check our Facebook group, Kelsey Recreation Centre Happenings, for last-minute changes. We are closed on statutory holidays.

COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN – Kelsey Centre: Low Intensity Fitness Class


Name contact information and time of attendance/schedule of work is collected for all participants and staff for contact tracing if required. It is easily and quickly accessible through staff schedules.

Environmental Measures

Ventilation • Outer doors should be left open at all times during the fitness class and for at least 10 minutes after class to allow for ventilation • All mechanical heating, ventilation and HVAC systems are working properly and are regularly monitored by staff and Tony Leggat Public Works Forman • Fresh air intake has been increased as much as possible • No wall or floor fans will be used

Booking and Registration • All patrons must be scheduled in advance, no drop-ins allowed • At the time of booking all patrons are notified that they should not come if they are feeling sick and are provided the information on the cancellation process. • Exterior doors do not open until 5 minutes prior to class start (they remain locked) • Safety protocols are provided to patrons at the time of booking and require acknowledgement.

Physical Distancing and Minimizing Physical Contact • Physical distance of 2.5m (6ft)between each patron will be maintained by reduced capacity. • Instructors will set up equipment to designate the individual exercise spaces before class. • Instructors will have a space to teach to ensure 2.5m (6ft) from participants. • Instructors will only provide verbal feedback rather than hand-on corrections. • Physical distancing of 2m (6Ft) is expected and a mask worn when not exercising at all other times in the facility.

Floor Markings and Reducing Group Congregating • Participants attending a class are permitted into the facility no more than 5 minutes prior to their class time. 5 minutes is provided to avoid congregating prior to class start. • Participants are encouraged to wait in their vehicle prior to the class start or to remain physical distanced outside. • Classes have a separate interior entrance and exit to avoid overlap with patrons attending other activities in the facility. • No changerooms/showers located for this program; washrooms are available. • Participants will be walking through the main facility. They will enter directly into the exercise space and exit directly from the exercise space. • Signage posted on the door about expectations and wellness

Cleaning and Disinfection • Fitness staff/Instructor will clean and disinfect all shared equipment BEFORE AND AFTER each use. • High touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected by custodians/staff before next class. •All prone or seated activities will utilize a mat or chair to be cleaned and not utilize the floor

ADMINISTRATION MEASURES Occupancy • Gymnasium has an occupancy limit of 7 for this class. One instructor and six participants. This is based on the provided calculation of 7m2 (6ft) per person/staff and social distancing protocol. • Occupancy limits posted for all activities at The Kelsey Centre.

Audio • Audio equipment must be cleaned before and after each registered session. •Instructor must keep music below speaking volume to reduce shouting.

Beverages Patrons are encouraged to bring a filled personal water bottle. Water filling station are not provided.

Exercise Attire/Personal Equipment • Participants must come in their exercise attire – no changerooms available. • Participants encouraged to bring their own equipment if possible.

Hand Hygiene • Hand sanitizer provided at entry and exit to fitness class. • Waste bins provided for proper disposal of materials and are emptied daily.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT • Masks must always be worn when not exercising, including instructors. • Masks encouraged during exercise, but not required.

Staying Home When Sick • Employees are required to complete daily health check and report to their supervisor/manager • Kelsey Centre protocols in place for employees in the event of illness or if public becomes unwell when at the facility.






PRE-REGISTERED 1:00-1:45 (6 MAX.) PRE-REGISTERED 6:30-7:15 (6 MAX.)

PRE-REGISTERED 1:00-1:45 (6 MAX.)

PRE-REGISTERED 6:30-7:15 (6 MAX.)

PRE-REGISTERED 1:00-1:45 (6MAX.)




Waivers and Forms

Medical Waiver Form

Registrant Informed Consent Form

Minor Informed Consent Form