Public Works & Engineering

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Village’s roads, water distribution, sanitary sewer treatment, and park facilities. Some helpful tips are included below for your convenience.

For more information about Sayward’s Public Works department, please call us at 250-282-5509 or send an Email to

[CLICK HERE to report a public works issue that may require service or repair.]


Village of Sayward Public Works Yard [Image © Terry Kluytmans]
Village of Sayward Public Works Yard

Public Works Helpful Hints

Streetlights Out or Staying On

The Village is responsible for street-lighting repairs. Please notify Public Works to report a streetlight out or staying on all of the time. Please be prepared to provide the street address of the malfunctioning light or the number of the light. The number is located on the bottom side of the light (e.g., SAZ0).

Garbage Pick-Up Questions

Garbage pick-up is every Thursday, and is operated through Waste Management. For more info, please contact the Village Office at 250-282-5512.

Messy Boulevards

Boulevards are to be maintained by property owners.

Catch Basin Maintenance

Public Works has a catch basin maintenance program; however, we cannot be everywhere at once. Your assistance in cleaning any debris from catch basins around your home to help prevent flooding in your area would be much appreciated.

Snow & Ice Clearing, Public Assistance

As with Public Works Operations, the public can help during significant snowfall events. Here are some tips:

  • Try not to park on the road during or after a snowstorm.
  • Try to have parked vehicles or other vehicles, trailers, etc., parked well off the roadway as they impede the ability of the snowplow to clear streets adequately.
  • Try to locate and clean basin grates in roadways in front of your house. This helps clear a path for water to run-off the melting snow, which prevents the formation of large puddles on the roadway and helps prevent flooding of your – and your neighbours’ – property.
  • Ensure you have good winter tires and a cold weather emergency kit in your vehicle.
  • Slow down when approaching a sanding truck or snowplow. Drivers should also keep well back, and watch for sanding trucks or snowplows reversing.

Water Works

Ongoing Maintenance of Water System

The dead ends at the last hydrant at the wharf and the last hydrant past the hotel are flushed on a regular basis. This may cause a pressure drop at the top of the Village on these days.

Water Facts

Sayward’s water is sourced 100% from Newcastle Creek.

  • Residential Connections = 133
  • Other = 14
  • Population = 379

Boil Water Advisories

When the area is hit with heavy rain, a Boil Water Advisory is sometimes necessary. Notifications are posted at the Village Office and the Post Office. Residents registered with our Phone Notification System are notified by telephone.

Phone Notification System

The Village has a Phone Notification System that staff uses to let Village residents know when problems arise with the water, sewer, or other systems. It can also be used to notify the entire community of any emergency situations.

[CLICK HERE for more information about our Online Phone Notification System.]

Sayward Recycling Depot

Recycling in Sayward [Image © RTimages -]Sayward’s Recycling Depot is located beside the Kelsey Recreation Centre. Hours are:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:30 am to 8:30 pm
Sunday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Items that can go to the Depot include:

  • Container recycling – rinsed and cleaned
  • Cardboard and printed paper recycling
  • Glass bottles and jars – rinsed and cleaned
  • Glass – deposit beverage containers are accepted, but you will not be paid for them. For refunds, please return to point of purchase or a Return-It facility in Campbell River.
  • Overwrap (i.e., shopping bags)
  • Foam packaging (white and coloured)

Please refrain from putting the following items in the recycling bins:

  • Clothing (material of any kind)
  • Tin foil
  • Unwashed recycling (plastics, tins, etc.)
  • Insulating styrofoam
  • Styrofoam meat trays with blood
  • Shoes
  • Hoses
  • Garbage
  • Plates and cups
  • Mirrors
  • Window glass

Please sort your recycling into the proper bins. All paper and cardboard products go in the big red bin.

The metal bin is for METAL ONLY. Please do not put in wood, furniture, etc.

For more information on recycling, visit