Freedom of Information

Most records held by the Village of Sayward are available to you upon verbal request. If you are not sure, please ask the Village staff who will be pleased to assist you.

Some records in the custody and control of the Village are not available by verbal request. In those cases, Freedom of Information legislation requires that a request for these records be made in writing. You may ask either for a copy of the record or to simply examine the record. To submit your request, please print out and complete the following form, which will open in a new browser window:

Freedom of Information Form

We will process your request as quickly as possible and within the 30-calendar-day time frame specified in the Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Legislation. If the record is an old one, or involves significant staff time, the Village may require a time extension of an additional 30 days.

Types of Information Not Available to the Public

  • Third party business information
  • Personal information
  • Legal advice given to the Village
  • Law enforcement material
  • Any information which will affect the economic interests of a public body
  • Information on sensitive heritage sites
  • Information dangerous to the health and safety of an individual or group of individuals

For more information, please contact us.