Alertable Banner that reads "Alertable Community Notifications, Stay Aware & Plan Ahead".

The Village of Sayward in conjunction with the Strathcona Regional District has switched to Alertable as our public emergency mass notification service effective May 2, 2022.  The Village of Sayward will no longer be using One Call. 

Alertable can notify residents, visitors, and businesses of emergencies in a timely manner to people who subscribe to receive these alerts.  It can also be used to notify residents of other non-emergency items such as scheduled road closures, power outages, water and sewer alerts, and much more.   This service is free.

The system is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, computers or smart speakers.  It can also send alerts via text message, voice calls to land lines, and e-mail.


If you know someone who wishes to receive notifications but does not have internet access, please sign-up for them or have them call the Village of Sayward office at 250-282-5512.