Mayor’s Open Forum Meetings

In 2020 residents of the Village of Sayward will have an opportunity to attend the newly scheduled Mayor`s Open Forum Meetings to speak directly with the Mayor and one member of Council.   These informal meetings are intended to allow the public an opportunity for open dialogue with Village of Sayward elected officials regarding Council initiatives and projects.  At these sessions, notes will be taken, research done, and answers provided within five business days. There will be no official minutes kept, and although these sessions are not in camera, attendance and discussions will not be publicly distributed. These meetings do not replace the public’s existing ability to put in a written bylaw complaint through staff, make an appointment with the CAO, or talk with a Councillor of their choice, but rather adds to the various methods of contact with the Village of Sayward. 


The 2020 Mayor’s Open Forum Meetings will be held in Council Chambers, 652 H’Kusam Way, from 7pm – 8pm on the following dates: 



Monday February 3rd               Monday June 29th               

Monday February 17th                Sunday September 13th                  

Sunday March 8th            Sunday September 27th                             

Sunday March 29th                 Tuesday October 13th     

Monday April 6th                Monday October 26th                

Monday April 20th             Sunday November 8th                 

Sunday May 3rd               Sunday November 22nd                

Sunday May 24th               Monday December 7th                

Monday June 8th              Monday December 14th