Mainroad launches new public education resources this winter.

Cumberland, BC | November 10, 2020 – We are pleased to announce the launch of a new public education resource on our corporate website.  Mainroad operations experiences a variety of questions about highway maintenance particularly during the winter season. 

FAQ’s and other helpful resources can now be accessed from our corporate website:


Continuing the effort to be a trusted source for information, Mainroad debuts two new information videos to educate stakeholders and the public about liquid anti-icing brine. 


We recognize that the use of brine is still a new winter highway maintenance method to some people – both the videos and supporting FAQ will answer the common questions we experience during the winter season,” Noel Mankey, V.P., Operations.


All of Mainroad’s public education resources can be shared to social media directly from the website.  To follow us on social, visit our Connect with Us page.

Be prepared for the unpredictability of fall and winter weather ~ Shift into Winter maintains a wealth of resources and tips on how to prepare your vehicle, plan your trip, and drive safely on winter roads.  Remember to check DriveBC for current road and travel conditions.

Lastly, if you see an issue on the highway, please call Mainroad’s 24-hour public information hotline.  Be as descriptive as possible.  All calls and feedback are logged and passed on to crews in the area.

Let’s all have a safe winter!

Mainroad Group Communications
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