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Hardwicke Transportation
Address: Kelsey Bay Marina
16 Sayward Road
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-3607
Mobile/Other: 250-203-0073
Business Description:

Hardwicke Transportation is a marine freight transport company, designed to quickly move small cargo throughout the Johnstone Strait area. Freight up to 5 tons. 6-person water taxi - fully insured. Fast, reliable & safe. Call Eric Borgjford.

Sayward Harbour Authority
Address: Box 43
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-0178
Business Description:

The Sayward Harbour Authority manages the government dock in Kelsey Bay. The dock operates on a first-come, first tie-up basis - no reservations accepted. The maximum length for vessels is 65 feet.

The Sayward Harbour Authority meets at 11:00 am on the last Sunday of each month at the Harbour Office.

Harbour Manager: Lyle Linklater