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The Village of Sayward is pleased to provide a Business Directory on our website for the benefit of area residents. We encourage you to learn more about the products and services available in our community.

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Sayward Fish & Game Association
Address: PO Box 154
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-3244 (Richard Glover)
Mobile/Other: 250-282-3389 (Gerry Mitchell)
Business Description:

The Sayward Fish & Game Association meets at 7:30 pm on the last Thursday of each month at the Sayward Heritage Hall.

President: Richard Glover
Treasurer: Gerry Mitchell

Sayward Futures Society
Address: 16 Sayward Rd, Box 143
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-0018
Business Description:

Sayward Futures Society is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to work in harmony with others to create a sound economic and positive social environment within the Sayward Valley and the Village of Sayward.

Sayward Futures operates the Wharf at Kelsey Bay (including the Sayward Tourist Center, Ocean View Gifts, and Al's Room) and the Elk Creek Campground. It also sponsors Canada Day celebrations and operates as an umbrella organization for other area groups, including the Kusam Klimb and Citizens on Patrol.

Sayward Harbour Authority
Address: Box 43
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-0178
Business Description:

The Sayward Harbour Authority manages the government dock in Kelsey Bay. The dock operates on a first-come, first tie-up basis - no reservations accepted. The maximum length for vessels is 65 feet.

The Sayward Harbour Authority meets at 11:00 am on the last Sunday of each month at the Harbour Office.

Harbour Manager: Lyle Linklater

Sayward Heritage Hall
Address: 1257 Sayward Road
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-0192​​​​​
Business Description:

The Heritage Hall and Pioneer Park is owned by the members of the Sayward Community Recreation Association, which was established in 1922. The SCRA is supported in part through area taxation of rural Sayward, grants and the generosity of its members and community. The SCRA is a registered non-profit society which owns, operates, and maintain the Heritage Hall.

From weddings to celebrations of life, the Heritage Hall is the perfect location and setting for your event. Give us a call to start planning today.

Sayward Literacy Now!
Address: c/o Sayward School
690 Kelsey Way
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-3851 (Jan Bakker)
Mobile/Other: 250-282-3450 (Ann Vansnick)
Business Description:

Sayward Literacy Now offers services to the community including a book exchange, computer classes, and more.

Computer classes are held in the Literacy Now classroom at Sayward School. Classes are for everyone, from beginner to advanced. We can help you learn how to use a computer or answer a specific computer-related question. Lessons are paid for by Sayward Literacy Now.

For more information, contact Jan Bakker or Ann Vansnick.

Sayward Post Office / Canada Post
Address: 600 Kelsey Way
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-3223
Business Description:

Mail letters, ship parcels, grow your business or shop online—all at Canada Post.

Sayward Primary Healthcare Clinic
Address: 601 Kelsey Way
Sayward, BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-3815
Mobile/Other: 250-282-0040 (Fax)
Business Description:

The Sayward Primary Healthcare Clinic is run by the Sayward Community Health Society with Nurse Practitioners and admin staff provided and paid for by VIHA.

Sayward RCMP
Address: 610 Kelsey Way
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 9-1-1 (Emergency)
Mobile/Other: 250-282-5522 (Non-Emergency)
Business Description:

The Sayward detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) serves both the Village of Sayward and the rural area of Sayward. For non-emergencies, please call 250-282-5522. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

Sayward Sewing & Mending
Phone: 604-210-0466
Business Description:

Call Charon for your sewing and mending needs.

Sayward Share Shed
Address: Next to Recycling Depot
652-A H’Kusam Way
Sayward BC V0P 1R0
Phone: 250-282-3464 (Bryanne Stacey)
Business Description:

Sayward's Share Shed is here to help keep reusable items out of the landfill. Any item that is reusable is accepted. If it only works on some functions or 'just needs this part or that,' then it's garbage, so please dispose of it appropriately.

We do not accept:

  • Large fabric-covered items
  • Clothes
  • TVs
  • Large appliances

Share Shed [Image © goir -]It is illegal for us to pass on:

  • Helmets
  • Car seats
  • Medical aids

We have no cleaning facilities on site, so clean items would be appreciated. (It only takes a minute to give something a wipe.) For your larger items, we have a bulletin board and people looking for items. We'll help where we can.

Just a reminder: NO DUMPING! There is no garbage collection at the recycling area.

Thank you from your recycling team.


Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm